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Dynamic Team Staffing

Build great teams. Quickly.

Simply search for a topic, browse through the list of employees with relevant expertise and find the candidate who can work on your project.

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PAINS & Gains
Constant Change

Constant change is the new normal in today's workplaces. The ability to quickly react to such changes has become a critical factor for success.

The ability to quickly staff your project teams gives you a competitive edge over the competition!

Failing Projects

Across industries, up to 15% of projects are deemed failures. One of the challenges is staffing the projects with the candidates that best fit the requirements.

Reduce the project's risk for failure by choosing the right person for the job.

The Great Resignation

85% of employees worldwide are disengaged at work and employees are voluntarily leaving their jobs en masse due to job dissatisfaction.

Staffing employees on purposeful work according to their skills and interests engages them the most.


How Kwykli supports project staffing

To assemble your dream team, skills play a crucial role. With Kwykli you can identify your employees with complementary skill sets who thrive on your project.

Find Best Candidate

Define the required skills and find the best match for your project.

Understand your Employees

Many talents go unnoticed! Kwykli captures skills and interests of your employees and lets you find the hidden gems.

Compare Candidates

Directly compare multiple people to understand their area of expertise to make a data-based decision.

more use Cases

And more...

Measuring what skills are frequently searched for and required in projects delivers valuable data.  

For instance by measuring how many times people searched for a skill set and comparing that to your organization's collective skills, you can see how well your workforce meets your current demands.

Understanding such skill gaps early on is crucial for your organization's growth and success!

Unlock the full potential of your workforce.

Allow everyone to do more in less time. Save thousands of working hours.

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