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Analyze your Collective Skills

Understand the collective skills of your workforce. Discover trends, identify gaps and take action.

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Understand Collective Skills

The collective skills characterize and distinguish organizations.

Understanding the collective skills on the level of detail required to identify gaps or previously unknown opportunities early on gives your organization a competitive advantage.

Discover Trends

The skills possessed and required by your employees are continuously changing. New technologies, tools and methodologies emerge in an ever more increasing frequency.

Discovering trends in your workforce's set of skills and identifying requirements can help you assess and steer your organization's development.

Collaborative Environment

By 2025, roughly 75% of the global workforce will be millennials.

Providing an environment where people feel valued, independent and part of a team will be more important than ever.

An understanding of your workforce's skills allows you to identify where someone fits in and helps to provide the environment in which this generation thrives.

Understand Collective skills

Management Dashboard

Collective skills take long to breed and are hard to replicate. It is what makes companies unique and can only be acquired through superior foresight or luck.

Kwykli provides you with advanced analytics and statistics to eliminate pure luck as a factor.

The management dashboard gives you an overview of the most prevalent skills in your organization, trends in the knowledge of your employees and gaps. It provides you with the data required to make decisions and take action.

See Opportunities

Your employee's might have skills you are not aware of.

Identify opportunities based on your employee's untapped potential.

Identify Gaps

The skills gap analysis enables you to compare the skills your workforce has with the most often searched for skills. This allows you to identify emerging requirements before your competitors do.

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See how Kwykli can also help your organization by fostering collaboration and by enabling everyone to do more in less time.

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Understand the collective skills of your workforce.

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