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Analyze your Collective Skills

Analyze. Understand. Act.

Understand the collective skills of your workforce. Discover trends, identify gaps and take action.

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Discover Trends

The skills of your employees are continuously changing, and insightful data gets lost by not adequately capturing it.

By discovering trends in skill availability and demand, you can prepare your organization for the future.

Identify Gaps

Due to the fast-changing requirements of your customers, every company has skill gaps in its workforce. Such gaps can significantly hurt your performance.

By quickly closing these gaps, you can prevent bottlenecks and let your business thrive!

Missing Data

83% of HR leaders agree that people decisions should be based on data and analytics. Yet only 37% of them can make data-driven decisions because of lacking data.

By tracking your collective skills you have the data to measure the success of your training and development initiatives.


How Kwykli does people analytics

Collective skills take long to breed and are hard to replicate. It is what makes companies unique and can only be acquired through superior foresight or luck. Kwykli provides you with advanced analytics and statistics to eliminate pure luck as a factor.

Trend Detection

Kwykli offers analytics about what skills were in high demand, so you can discover trends.

Skill Analytics

Kwykli offers an  dashboard with the most critical metrics to understand your collective skills.

Gap Identification

Missing skills are a bottleneck for your operations. Kwykli supports you in identifying the gaps before it's too late.

more use cases

And more...

As a leader in your organization, you are naturally interested to understand the big picture.

Kwykli can also help you to increase your productivity by fostering collaboration among your employees!

Unlock the full potential of your workforce.

Allow everyone to do more in less time. Save thousands of working hours.

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