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Did you know that ...

~ 90%

of the knowledge in any organization is embedded and synthesized in peoples’ heads and not available in writing?

Kwykli helps by making your organization's experts and their knowledge accessible.

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~ 20%

of your employee's workweek is spent looking for internal information or tracking down colleagues who can help with specific tasks?

Kwykli helps by enabling employees to search for experts who can help.

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20 - 25%

improvement is possible in knowledge worker productivity by establishing better communication and collaboration?

Kwykli fosters communication and collaboration by enabling employees to find and get in touch with each other.

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organizations in the knowledge industry do not have an accurate and detailed overview of the collective skills of their workforce?

Kwykli helps by providing advanced analytics tools.

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Make skills accessible

At the heart of Kwykli is the inventory of all employees and their skills.

Kwykli automatically builds up a skills profile for each employee and stores it in a searchable and accessible inventory.


Our AI-driven skills engine infers skill profiles for each employee with only minimal human input.


By connecting to various data sources within your company, Kwykli can keep skill profiles accurate and up-to-date.

find Experts

Find colleagues who can help

Kwykli enables employees to quickly find colleagues who can help them with a certain topic in minutes instead of researching for hours.

Simply search for a skill, browse through the list of colleagues with relevant expertise and get in touch with them.

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Foster Collaboration

Foster collaboration

Kwykli fosters collaboration across locations by making it easy for everyone to find colleagues with certain knowledge and getting in touch with them without the overhead of formal meetings.

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Skills Analysis

Understand your collective skills

The Kwykli advanced analytics tool enables Executive Management to understand their workforce's collective skills and take action to be prepared for future demands.

As an Executive Manager, Kwykli allows you to identify gaps and pro-actively act.

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Available in two flavors ...

Kwykli Lite

Kwykli's most essential features packed into a Slack app. For free.

Kwykli Lite embeds Kwykli's most essential features in a convenient Slack app and can easily be integrated into your Slack workspace.

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Kwykli Business & Enterprise

All of Kwykli's power. Including collective skills analytics tools.

Kwykli Business & Enterprise is accessible through multiple user interfaces including a web UI.

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Unlock the full potential of your workforce.

Try Kwykli Lite for free or contact us with questions.

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