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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Kwykli?

Kwykli is a Skills Management system with the primary goal to make knowledge workers more efficient.

Kwykli enables employees to simply search for a skill, browse through the list of relevant experts within their organization and get in touch with them.

What's the added value of Kwykli?

According to a study by McKinsey, the average knowledge worker spends nearly 20 percent of the workweek looking for internal information or tracking down colleagues who can help with specific tasks.

By enabling knowledge workers to easily find colleagues who can help, Kwykli enables everyone to achieve more in less time and thus increases profits.

It enables knowledge workers to find help from their colleagues quickly and thus solve their assignments on time and in quality.

It enables Project Managers to identify the candidates with the right skill set for their projects.

It enables Executive Managers to understand the organization's collective set of skills, identify gaps and take action to position the organization for future challenges.

How does Kwykli work?

Kwykli creates a skills profile for each employee and saves it in a skills repository.

The skill profiles are inferred from minimal human input and an AI-driven skills engine. This ensures up-to-date and accurate skill profiles.

Your employees can search the skill inventory to find colleagues with certain skills. And you can analyze the collective set of skills of your workforce.

Is my organization's sensitive data protected by Kwykli?

Yes. Kwykli does not grant access to your organization's data including your employee's skills profiles to any other organization.

Is my privacy protected by Kwykli?

Yes, absolutely. No personal data is shared with anyone outside your organization or Kwykli.

Kwykli will only use your skills profile in an anonymized fashion (i.e., we won't know it is you) to infer further skills for your profile and that of other users. However, Kwykli will not automatically add skills to your profile without your explicit consent.

How do I integrate Kwykli into our existing IT infrastructure?

The integration into your company's IT infrastructure involves just a few simple steps to provide Single sign-on to your employees and connect it to sources for automated skills discovery.

All your employees will be able to log in to Kwykli using Single Sign-on with their existing work identities. No additional account is required.

Can I install Kwykli on premise?

No. Kwykli is a Software-as-a-Service and as such is not available as a software package that can be installed on your own infrastructure.

However, Kwykli integrates with systems in your existing IT infrastructure such as your identity provider for Single Sign-on or your source code repositories to automatically infer skill profiles.

What does the name "Kwykli" mean?

Kwykli, pronounced like "quickly", is short for "Know What You Know". It refers to the capabilities to analyze the collective skills of a company.

What's Kwykli Lite?

Kwykli Lite is a dedicated product offering that offers Kwykli's most essential features packed into a Slack app for free.

Kwykli Lite is the ideal solution for small organizations which already work with Slack and don't have the need for collective skills analysis.

Kwykli Lite provides the following features as a Slack app: Find coworkers based on their skills. Endorse coworkers. Manage your personal skill profile.

What's the difference between Kwykli and Kwykli Lite?

Kwykli Lite is a dedicated product offering that offers Kwykli's most essential features packed into a Slack app. Kwykli Lite is available for free.

Compared to Kwykli's full solution, Kwykli Lite offers less functionality and integrations.

Unlike Kwykli's full solution, Kwykli Lite does not offer functionality to analyze your organization's collective skills.

While Kwykli's full solution is accessible through multiple user interfaces including a web application, Kwykli Lite is only available as a Slack app.

Can I import existing data?

Yes. If you'd like to import existing skills profiles into Kwykli or Kwykli Lite, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.
We'll find a way to import it.

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