Release of Kwykli Web Application

Based on our user feedback we have addressed your biggest demand and are incredibly proud to release the first version of our web application! All previous features can now be performed in our user-friendly web interface! 

Adding and editing skills in the new interface is very intuitive.

Many users demanded to simplify skill profile building to collect data across all employees and find the hidden champions. Everybody can now quickly add skills to their own profile and endorse a coworker. Besides the new interface, we also added functionalities to support you in different use cases:

  • Everyone in your company can now search for the database for a skilled coworker. Say goodbye to cumbersome email chains and discover a new way to foster collaboration!
  • Define multiple criteria within the search functionality and find the best match to staff your project.
  • Built-in analytic capabilities help you understand if you have the collective capabilities needed to complete your jobs.

Our solution supports you in making the first step towards better understanding your workforce and unlock their full potential. We are convinced that we can support many more use cases to make your processes more skill-based. Contact us if you want to learn more about the current use cases or if you are interested our vision!

Understand the collective capabilities of your employees to future-proof your workforce.

What's next?

We have big plans to make skill capturing more straightforward. For this, we want to learn more about the challenges you face when using skills in your processes! 

We are always looking for innovative customers that want to transform their processes around skills and we want to incorporate your needs into Kwykli. Customers will have the unique opportunity to influence our product by getting a partner who really listens to their problems. Together we can make good service great!