Kwykli Lite Available in Slack's App Directory

We're proud to announce the listing of Kwykli Lite in Slack's App Directory. Kwykli Lite packs Kwykli's most essential features into a lightweight Slack App. For free.

Kwykli Lite supports the following essential use cases:

  • Find coworkers based on their skills
  • View coworkers' skills
  • Endorse your coworkers on their skills

This enables teams, departments and entire organizations to build up skills profiles of their employees.

Skills profiles are essential information and the foundation for increasingly important topics like Talent Intelligence and Workforce Analytics. This enables agile organizations in fast-paced industries like Information Technology or Consulting to foster collaboration, understand their collective set of skills and find the right expertise when they need it.

For a complete overview of what Kwykli can provide, also check out the product overview.

Why Slack?

Slack is on a mission to "Make work life simpler, more pleasant and more productive". And so are we. We're convinced that we must put the employee experience first if we want to provide a tool that doesn't just work in theory but is also frequently used in practice. So instead of providing yet another separate tool that requires employees to log in to a dedicated web application just to find who might know about a certain topic, we want to bring the functionality of Kwykli directly to the applications which employees  already use on a daily basis. And what better application to start with than a communication platform like Slack?

But Slack doesn't just make Kwykli easily accessible, it's also the right place to follow up on your search results. Found someone with a certain skill and want to get in touch with her? No need to switch tools anymore. Simply get in touch with them through Slack. No context switches. No additional logins. As simple as that.

What About Other Platforms?

Guilty as charged - We're fans of Slack. It is a great communication platform and is used by thousands of companies. But as good as Slack is, there are also great competitors such as MS Teams by Microsoft. And we strive to integrate Kwykli with further applications and communication platforms. Are you interested in a specific integration to provide the best employee experience possible? Let us know! We're happy to learn about your requirements and ideas.

Keywords: Employee experience, talent intelligence, workforce analytics, Slack.